We’ve all seen the shortages in food & grocery shops but it’s not the only place where shortages are being experienced. Multiple vendors are beginning to push out delivery times on various purchases. Our usual standard HP (desktop, laptop and workstations) which are normally in stock at multiple warehouses in Australia are 4 to 6 weeks away but CTO purchases don’t seem to be performing any worse. Apple phones seem difficult to purchase from mobile phone suppliers, supply seems ok direct but for how much longer.

Vendors are falling over themselves to get purchase orders to boost their sales but don’t seem as worried about delivery time frames. Of course to make matters worse everyone appears to be buying laptops in preparation for work from home for staff.

We’ve found these problems not because we are panic buying but because we are looking to purchase our usual replacement program computers, thankfully for this reason the delays will hopefully not impact our delivery time frames that will impact the business.

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